Monday, May 2, 2016

Three Heroes of Mine (My Students)

Sometimes writing out your feelings really helps you sort out what is going on in your head.

This weekend I got the chance to visit with three of my former students.  One was graduating from college.  Another was getting married.  The third is related by marriage to the student who got married.

I have so many emotions going on in my head.  I've been crying because of the joy in my heart.  I didn't know how much I really meant to one of the students.

T. and I traveled similar paths with our undergraduate studies.  Both of us attended Sinclair Community College and then went onto Wright State University. 

Since I had him at the same age my boys are now, he would not have known that about me.  Today I got to take him out for dinner and we just talked.  I told him about the path I took in order for me to be his teacher.  He admired my drive and determination because I had obstacles.  I didn't allow those obstacles get in the way of my dreams.

He has told me several times I was a second mother to him and that I've been his hero since elementary school.  
He's my hero because even though he has had those obstacles he never gave up and became the first one in his family to graduate with a bachelor's degree.

The young lady came to me when she was in 4th grade.  It was my second year in the district.  C. and another student of mine went up 40 points on the Ohio Proficiency Test during her time with me.  She never gave up even with her learning difficulties.  

While at her wedding, I ended up talking to two other teachers that had her while she was in high school.  The common theme of our discussion with her was how much determination and drive C. has shown over the years.  All 3 of us are proud of her.

C. is another hero of mine.  She has taught me to "Believe in myself."

The other young man I saw over the weekend is D.  We had a rocky relationship when I had him 7th and 8th grade.  He was going through growing pains at that time and wasn't fond of humans (his words).  Towards the end of his 8th grade year, I made a phone call that changed our relationship.  I called his mom and told her that she was raising a nice young man.  That is the moment our relationship changed for the better even though he'll tell you that he was my best student.

D. is now a father.  He has told me that he is going to take care of his daughter and make sure she has what she needs in her life.  He is another hero of mine. 

I'm now going to end this blog post before I begin to cry once again.

Thank you for reading about my crazy life,

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