Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Canadian Driving Part 1

During our Spring Break, we traveled to Niagara Falls and then to Toronto, Canada.  While Hubby was driving, I took some pictures of signs and other things I noticed that were somewhat different from Ohio.

1.  Instead of merge right, the signs in Toronto tell you to squeeze left.  We were confused at first but then realized what the signs actually meant.  It's left over from the French influence in Ontario.
 photo IMG_0469_zpsvkmst4dl.jpg

2.  On some of the Toronto city streets, they had this sign.  Pedestrians can cross in the middle of the block at the cross walk when the light is red light is lit.

 photo IMG_0477_zps6mqznmwa.jpg

3.  Just one of the signs announcing the next exit.  The tower behind it is the CN Tower.  It's a landmark that is famous in Toronto.  I knew we didn't have time to actually visit it.  I just wanted a picture of the tower.  I have a few pictures.

 photo 18387f89-495d-4871-8afa-7fe979718f3b_zpslxp78ueo.jpg

4.  Whenever there was a new town or city on the highway we took between Niagara Falls and Toronto and on the 401, there was a sign with the city or town's name on it and the population of that town or city.

 photo Spring Break 2016 2 5_zps9b0csiay.jpg

5.  This the carpool lane approaching Toronto.  Once there was no more carpool lanes, the far left lanes had signs saying that no trucks were suppose to be in that lane.  They also had signs telling people not to drive on the shoulder.

 photo Spring Break 2016 2 11_zpsysmtfxem.jpg

6.  The toll roads were interesting.  Either you had a transponder which calculates your toll or the cameras will take a picture of your back license plate.  They will then send you a bill for your toll.  Here is more information about the toll road.  We were thoroughly confused with the whole toll because we were expected to have to pay while driving.
 photo 20160402_095022_zps8np5ef6t.jpg

I have more pictures that I took while we were driving.  I'll share them on another post.

Thank you for reading about my crazy life,

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Dear Steven Tyler

Dear Steven Tyler,

On March 31, I had the pleasure of seeing you in concert at the Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls, Ontario.  A lowly special educator on her spring break vacation got to see you in person.  It was a once in a lifetime experience for me.

My kids and I don't always get a spring break together.  With scouts and camps, it's hard to take a family vacation together.  This year we all had the same spring break so we took the opportunity to take a road trip.  We decided to go up to Niagara Falls.  Hubby was looking at what things we could do while there.  The very last item was the fact you were going to be in town.  However all the tickets were sold out.  (Insert sad face)

We get to Niagara Falls.  Hubby asked the concierge how we could get at least one ticket for me.  Frank, the concierge, told us how we might get the tickets.  On March 31, Hubby put my name on the list for a possible ticket.  We made plans to go out to see the Falls at night.  Then the phone rang.

I was in pj pants at that time just relaxing.  I dressed so quickly and ran out the door.  You see my forty year old butt does not run.  I excitedly told everyone in the elevator that I was getting tickets to see Steven Tyler.  One of the men in the elevator worked at Universal Records.  I wish I got his name.  As soon as those elevator doors opened, the people told me to run.  Boy did I run!

I was so out of breath once I got to the box office.  I had my choice of seats.  I chose 2nd row center.  Oh my goodness, I was going to be close to you.

Then I went back to the hotel to get ready and to pack up my things since we were traveling to Toronto the next day.  My family knew I was excited!

Half an hour later, I was back at the casino ready to rock the night away.  I accidently got into the meet and greet line.  Then people thought I was part of the meet and greet since I wore a lanyard with my id in it.  That began a conversation with them.  While talking with them, I go to meet your banjo and guitar player.

They told me how you like the people with the floor seats to come up to the stage.  I was ready to run once the concert.  

Finally it was time to go into the venue.  Then I just sat and sat and sat waiting impatiently.  Once again I had a conversation with the lady next to me.  We were both ready to run once the concert started.

Believe me this 40 year special education teacher ran once you got on stage.  I ended up center 2nd person from the stage.  It was a moment that I could not believe was happening to me.

I fell in love with Aerosmith 20 years ago.  I loved your music while in my teens but it was not until I bought a greatest hit cassette tape that I fell in love with your music.  When Hubby met me, I had an Aerosmith poster on my wall of my dorm.  I sang "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" to my youngest when he was an infant.  Your music has defined my adult years.

Suddenly I was in front of you.  It was a moment that I will remember forever.  Thank you for that hour and half of rocking out and forgetting that I was a 40 year old special education teacher.  You took me through a journey with your music.  I once again fell in love with you and your music.

Thank you for that moment.  Yes, I touched one of your scarves.  I wish I could touch your hand.  I tried.  (Insert sad face.)

See you are the bad ass that I wish I could be.  

P.S.  My family continued with the plans.  My 10 year old tried to get into the concert.  Hubby tried to get a poster of you.  They were excited for me.  

P.S.S.  My sons had a "wedding" ceremony for us the next day.  They declared us friends.

Always and forever a Steven Tyler and Aerosmith fan,