Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Reflection of This Year's Thanksgiving

I haven't written on this blog since October since I've been focusing on my cooking blog.

Today is Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is a day to reflect on the blessings God has given you. Those blessings may be small or big.  

I've been blessed this past year.  In May, I turned 40 years old.  Hubby took me on a Disney Cruise because my goal for my 40th birthday was to go and do something new.  I did both while on the cruise.  First of all, I can now say I've been to the Bahamas even for a little bit of time.  Second of all, I can say I've swam with dolphins.  

Other blessings is watching Know-it-All grow socially.  He transitioned over to Boy Scouts in February and then joined DeMolay in August.  When he first joined Boy Scouts, he would barely talk to the other boys.  Now he knows different boys names and will talk to the boys at the meetings and at school.  On Tuesday I went to his school for their Thanksgiving feast.  It warmed my soul to see him interacting with his classmates.

Crazy One is another blessing even though he is my messy child.  He is smart and musically talented.  He can listen to a song a few times and can sing the lyrics and has the melody down pat.

Hubby is another blessing.  He loves the whole family unconditionally.

Today though was the true blessing for me.  I planned and cooked the meal and cleaned the house in preparation of today.  One of the dishes did not work out so my mother-in-law took over cooking that dish.   
After I put the last two dishes in the crockpot, the boys and I went to the American Legion to serve dinner to veterans.  Know-it-All ended up helping clean the dishes and Crazy One cleaned up after the people.  It taught them how lucky they are to have family at their Thanksgiving meal.  One of the Scouts there decided to thank the veterans by singing the Star Spangled Banner.  It was absolutely beautiful.
Then my mom and sister traveled to share the meal with us.  Since my mom doesn't have a reliable car, she rented a car to assure she was able to get to my house.  She shared scrapbooks with us.  The scrapbooks showed some of my family history which was really neat to see.  I even sent her home with some of my home cooking.  

Here is my reflections of last year's Thanksgiving.  It was a hard Thanksgiving because I truly missed my father-in-law.  This year we were missing one other person from the table - Mary Jane.  Next month it will be a year since she left us.  It's hard to believe.

I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving.

Thank you for reading about my crazy life,

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