Saturday, September 5, 2015

Interactive Notebooks

I've heard of interactive notebooks but didn't know anything about them.  This year I'm doing inclusion in an English Language Arts class that uses interactive notebooks on an almost daily basis.  Most of the pages are already cut out for the students.  Sometimes students have to cut out a little bit.

What I've noticed is not only does the interactive notebooks teach content, they also teach students other skills.

  • following directions given orally (I give accomodations to my students who cannot follow multi-step directions - restating the directions, breaking them into one step at a time, and cueing.)
  • Note taking - Lots of time they have to take notes.
  • Coloring - That might seem silly in the fifth grade but it relaxes some students.  We don't have art so this allows them to be creative.
  • Glueing - Some want to put lots of glue over the entire piece of paper they are putting in their notebook.  They have to learn that a little goes a long way.
I'm now thinking about diving into the world of interactive notebooks especially dealing with my students who continue to need phonemic awareness.  However, I don't really know where to start.  I am also thinking about doing a part interactive notebook/writer's notebook for my writing intervention.

I think my students will enjoy it!  An interactive notebook will allow them to see the connection between their classroom and my room.  I'm trying to give them interventions that are similar to the curriculum they are learning in the general education classroom.  In fact, the other day, we talked about theme in my room and then they learned about it later in their classroom.

If anyone has any suggestions please share them.

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