Thursday, September 10, 2015

How Interactive Notebooks are Going

Last week, I mentioned how I would love to start doing interactive notebooks for phonemic awareness/ phonics and writing.  This week is a short week with Labor Day so I didn't get to start with the phonics (none of students need phonemic awareness).  I did start with the writing.  

My students loved it.  One group started their notebook with a reference sheet, a graphic organizer, and then task cards.  The reference sheet gave them other words to use to make their writing more vivid.  The graphic organizer is to get them ready to write their first paragraph for me.  They had to tell me what their favorite subject is and then list reasons it's their favorite subject.  They have been going over different types of sentences in class so that's what the task cards were - identifying types of sentences.

With my other group, I did things differently.  They are ahead of the other group so we talked about what a complete sentence is and the different types of sentences.  They have a chart of different types of sentences and a brief exercise identifying whether the group of words were a complete sentence or a fragment.  Finally I modeled what a paragraph looks like with their brainstorming they did last week.  We discussed what a paragraph looked like.  I wrote the paragraph on the board and they copied it down.  Next week we are going to edit their work and write a final copy.  Since it was a modeling of a paragraph, we don't need to write the paragraph over and over again.

I showed the interactive notebooks to the general education teacher.  She loved what I was doing with the students.  

My goal is to make my students to become closer to grade level work and also make them more confident students.

Next week, I will share with you some of the resources I'm using to create these interactive notebooks.  

Interactive Notebooks

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