Sunday, September 27, 2015

Apple Fest Part 1

For the past few years, I've gone to the annual Apple Fest at a local farm.  I go every year but who I go with changes from year to year.  This year it was only Hubby and Crazy One since Know-it-All was camping.  

One of Know-it-All's advisors from Boy Scouts gave me tickets for the Apple Fest.

Here are some pictures from the Apple Fest:

The University of Dayton had a river mobile truck.  So we checked it out.  The truck was a mobile educational display about the water around our area.  

Standing on our area

After we checked out the river mobile truck, we went into the educational center.  The farm is also a preschool so there is plenty of educational experiences.  

Outside the educational center
Playing on the rocking cow
Since it was lunchtime, Hubby and I immediately got food to eat.  He had a brat.  Crazy One had a hot dog.  I had a grilled cheese sandwich.  

Crazy One enjoyed playing in their dirt/ tunnel area.  He got SO dirty.

We went over to the cider press area because the advisor was volunteering at the cider press.  Even though it was not ready for Crazy One to press apples, we enjoyed drinking fresh pressed apple cider.  Crazy One also enjoyed seeing the therapy dogs that were in the next booth.

Waiting for the cider press
Since we had to wait a few minutes for the cider press, Hubby and I decided to walk around a little bit.  Crazy One didn't want us to walk too far away from the cider press.
Trying fresh apple butter

Finally it was time to press some apples.  Boy was Crazy One excited!

They have a kids' activity area that was a great place for Crazy One.  He enjoyed playing with the corn hole game.  Actually he just kept throwing the bean bags.  He got his Pikachu hat that he kept getting compliments for.

Meeting Johnny Appleseed

We continued to have a great time at the Apple Fest.  I will share those adventures with you on another day.

To see the photographs of the Monarch butterfly caterpillars follow this link.

Thank you for reading about my crazy life,

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Monarch Butterfly Caterpillars

Today we went to the Apple Fest.  This is an annual event that I look forward to every September.  

This year I went with Hubby and Crazy One since Know-it-All is camping with Boy Scouts.  Actually one of the advisors from Boy Scouts gave me two tickets for the Apple Fest.

There is a herb garden that we enjoy looking at.  Actually I enjoy taking photographs in the garden.  While I was taking photographs today, one of the volunteers told me that there was monarch butterfly caterpillars on one of the plants.  When I looked, I saw at least 10 caterpillars.  

I enjoyed taking photographs of the caterpillars.  Enjoy the photographs.  :)

Have a glorious weekend!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Blessings September 23, 2015

Sometimes we get so caught up with life that we forget God gives us blessings - small or big.  We need to remember this.  

1.  The Wee One's imagination and quick wit is the best.  He told me that our dog was his taste tester and that he fired his last taste tester- Mazika Zoubi.

2.  The smile I got from one of my students today.  Just absolutely beautiful.

3.  Laughter through a hard day

4.  Other parents volunteering to pick up Know-it-All for one of his activities.

5.  Watching Know-it-All interact with his fellow Boy Scouts.  Six months ago, his nose was in a book at some of the meetings.  Now he is talking to all of them.

6.  Beautiful sunrises and sunsets 

7.  This song - It reminds me that God is with me through all of life's trials and joys.

What are some of your blessings?  We need to remind ourselves of the blessings we are given in life.  It's difficult at times but we need to tell ourselves that God is with us.

You are all awesome!!!!!!!!!!!  

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


On Saturday, Hubby's cousin celebrated his son's 3rd birthday.  Hubby's cousin lives far away so we rarely see them.

Anyway, Hubby's aunt gave my boys and her two grandsons' bubbles to play with.  These bubbles were the best bubbles ever because they didn't pop for the longest time.  

I'm going to share some of my boys playing with the bubbles.

I love all of the pictures of my boys playing with bubbles.