Thursday, July 9, 2015

My Fortieth Birthday Disney Cruise - Post #13

Post #12

We spent the next hour or so finding different characters.

The first character we saw was Pirate Goofy.  We did not wait in line for him though.

We then waited in line to meet Captain Hook.

After meeting Captain Hook, we went back to the lobby and saw the funniest event ever.  It was the Diaper Dash based on Jack Jack from the Incredibles

Next character we met was Chip and Dale.  

While we were waiting, Hubby decided to push a button.  The button caused a fire door to shut.  He was on the one side of the fire door but decided to walk in front of the closing door to where I was.  So embarrassing.  

We joked with Kaitlin, the character attendant, that I was going to tell his mother.  And that we got her in trouble even though she didn't get into trouble.  They just laughed it off.

Before we got to the front of the line, a bride and groom wanted pictures with Chip and Dale.  So they allowed them to go to the front of the line.
The wedding party on Deck 4

We saw this young man with Chip and Dale and then with Tinkerbell. He always had a beautiful smile on his face.

Finally it was our turn to meet Chip and Dale.

Hubby and I went back out to lobby.  We found Tinkerbell and Peter Pan.  We fell in love with both characters.  Especially Peter Pan because he played with the children in the lobby.

The last character I met on Saturday night was Minnie Mouse.

While waiting for Tinkerbell, the Crew Member was a Disney College Program alumni.  Sean and I had a conversation about the College Program. It was neat to meet a fellow DCP alumni.

On the next blog post, we will go to the Broadway Show "Villains Tonight" and how we didn't go to the Pirates party on Deck 11.

Until next time, have a magical Day!

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