Monday, July 27, 2015

My Fortieth Birthday Disney Cruise - Post #27


Once you get down to the terminal, you go to the color and character on your tags.  Ours was Gray Daisy.  There are Cast Members to help you with this process.  They will even help you with your luggage if you need help.

Next stop is to go through Customs.  Make sure you have your Passport and Declaration Document.  They'll ask you basic questions like did you buy jewelry at the Port of Calls.  If you are honest and have everything ready, it's an easy process.

Very few passengers were on in the terminal so we were lucky.

Once we got done with everything, we boarded the bus back to the airport.  We were on the first bus so we ended up at the airport super early for our 1:30 flight.  In fact, we were so early that we had to wait 1/2 hour to be able to check in our luggage.  

After checking in, we checked out the airport.  We wanted to get our oldest a souvenir.  We had already had our youngest's souvenir.

First stop was the Universal Store.  I wanted to get my oldest a Harry Potter shirt.  We ended up getting him a Maurander's Map mug instead.

Afterwards, we went over to the Disney Store (Earport).  I had a magical moment there with an older Cast Member.  M. was from Buenos Aires.  She went to the back room to get me pins.  M. also gave me lots of Mickey stickers.  We talked for a little while.  What a way to end my trip!

After shopping, we went to get me lunch.  Hubby was not even hungry but needed a Pepsi.  So he waited in a LONG line for that Pepsi while I ate my lunch.  

I had Moe's for lunch because I haven't had that for a long time.  We used to have one close to my house but it went out of business.

After lunch, we decided to go through security and then wait at our gate.

Here is a video of the monorail ride from the terminal to our gate area.

When we were almost to our gate, we noticed a Best Buy Kiosk.  We had never seen one of those before so we had to check it out.

We had to sit at the gate for two hours.  During that time, we kept an eye on the monitor because there was suppose to be a rain storm coming.  

For the majority of time, it said the plane was on time but then it changed to delayed.  However it was only delayed by 5 to 10 minutes.

Finally we were on the plane.  We paid extra to be one of the first people on the plane since Southwest doesn't assign seats.  Boy were we glad that we did that.  The plane was completely booked and some families didn't get to sit with each other.

Here are some pictures of the view from the plane window:

Here is the video of us landing in Columbus.

Oh and that rainstorm, it didn't occur until we were on the highway to get home.

Boy were the boys glad to see us when we got home.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.

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