Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My Fortieth Birthday Disney Cruise - Post #25

Post #24

After the Disney's Believe, we went up to Deck 11 to watch the sunset.  Since the show had been delayed, we missed most of it.

While we were on the Deck 11, I took more pictures of the AquaDuck while it was lit up for the evening..

After watching the sunset, it was time for dinner.  We ate at my favorite place on the Cruise - Animator's Palate.  The atmosphere and food was wonderful.  I ate every bite of the appetizer, soup, and main course!!!!  

My dinner:

Hubby's dinner:

Animator's Palate is unique because Crush comes "alive" and talks to people who are eating.  We also got to see Bruce.

I love the decorations at this restaurant.

This is Stacey who was our server for the 3 dinners.  She was awesome!!!!

These are our table mates for the 3 dinners.  
On the left back - Miriam and Kharl from Florida.  They have 2 boys that are the same ages as our 2 boys.  They also have a little girl.  I'm still in contact with Miriam.

On the left front - John and Lisa from Texas.  They also have 3 kids.  2 girls and a boy - There was a tornado in their town while we were on the cruise.  It missed their house by a mile.

On the right front - Jocelyn and Michael from Washington, D.C.  They are in the Coast Guard.  Funny factoid - Hubby and Michael kept ordering the same foods every night except they had different appetizers and soup on the last night.

Since it was Mother's Day, they brought us a special dessert.  So I ended up with 2 desserts again!

The decorations at the front of the restaurant.

After we were done with dinner, we went back to our cabin so that we could finish packing up.

The Disney Cruise Line will take your luggage off the ship.  You get a tag with a character and color.  That character and color will let you know where your luggage is in the terminal.  Some airlines will do your luggage check in at the airport.  Ours did not do that.

You have to have your luggage outside your cabin by a certain time.  We were in a time crunch when we got back to the cabin so it needed to be done.

Videos of Crush:

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