Sunday, July 19, 2015

My Fortieth Birthday Disney Cruise - Post #23

Post #22

Hubby was going to go jet skiing so I went back to the ship.  I took the tram from Serenity Bay to the Pelican Point Tram Stop.  That is where the Family Beach area is located.

I got myself a non alcoholic strawberry daiquiri to enjoy on my way back to the ship.  

Instead of taking the tram the rest of the way back to the ship, I decided to walk so I could enjoy the scenery.

Once you get back to the ship, they have a water station with different infused waters, lemonades, and ice teas.  They also have a hand sanitizer station.

Almost everyone was going to the first area to get back on the ship.  I decided to go to the other area and boy am I glad I did.

Because Stitch was there to greet people as they were getting on the ship.

I'll leave you with that picture.

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