Saturday, July 18, 2015

My Fortieth Birthday Disney Cruise - Post #22

Post #21

After Hubby got back from geocaching, we went into the water.  Once again, the waterproof camera's batteries stopped working.  It was not until a month and a half after we came back did I figure out what happened.  Hubby took a 16 minute video of him geocaching and then walking back to the beach.  10 minutes of the video was him walking.  Killed the battery.

Before getting in the water, we took some pictures of us laying out on the beach.

Finally we were in the water!

We walked around for a while in the water (without my camera) and enjoyed the water.  

Then Hubby left again so that he could go jet skiing.  

Since the water was clear and calm, I was able to take my camera out into the water and get pictures of how clear it was.

After walking around for a while, I decided to head back up to the ship.  

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