Friday, July 17, 2015

My Fortieth Birthday Disney Cruise - Post #21

Post #20

After the glass bottom tour, we went to look for some food.  The best place for us to eat was at a BBQ next to Serenity Beach.

Serenity Beach is an adult only beach.  You could walk there but it's better to take a tram.  The Beach is located at the end of an abandoned runway.

So we took the tram out to the Serenity Beach.

At the BBQ, they had different meats, salads, and desserts.  You could also got endless refills of pop.  

Birds would hang around the BBQ area trying to get their lunch also. 

After lunch, we went to Serenity Beach.

First look at the Beach:

Pure paradise!!!!!!!

I found a beach chair and chose to relax for a while.  Hubby left to do some geocaching.
From laying out on the beach chairs

Once Hubby got back from geocaching, we went into the water .  I'll discuss it more on the next post.

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