Sunday, June 28, 2015

My Fortieth Birthday Disney Cruise - Post #3

Post #2

While we were on the bus, they showed us tips for the cruise, trivia, and cartoons.  After an almost hour ride, we were in Port Canaveral.

Here are our first views of the Disney Dream:

The first stop after we got off the bus was security.  (No photos were allowed).  Then it was upstairs to get checked in and then wait until it was time to embark on the ship.

We were given the group number of when we would get on the ship.  We were on group #15.  This means it would take us 45 minutes to an hour of waiting after they started letting people embark the ship.  (They were calling groups every 3 to 4 minutes.)  

During our wait, Hubby and I were filters for the groups getting ready to embark on the ship.  We stood in the way so that people would not rush into line which could have caused people to stumble and get hurt.  So for about 45 minutes or so, we were part of the Parade and Crowd Control.  Since we were big helps for one of the Cast Members, she allowed us to go when they called group #10.  

Here are some pictures of the terminal and right outside the terminal.  There was a small overlook that we could look at the ship and them getting the ship ready to sail away.

This is the mouse head you walk under to get onto the ship.

In my next blog post about the cruise, we will finally be on the ship.

Have a magical day!

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