Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My Fortieth Birthday Disney Cruise - Post #5

Post #4

Finally we were allowed into our cabin.  We wanted to take a nap; however, the cabin next to us had excited children in their cabin.  Plus Hubby was excited about the magic porthole.  He kept wanting to show me what characters were paying us a visit.  So needless to say sleep was in the cards.

One interesting feature in our cabin is that the lights would not work unless you left your card in a certain slot.  (Picture in a future blog post.)

The Magic Porthole in our room

Hubby trying to pull down the bed in the ceiling.

After we were awake, we explored the ship.  There is so much details that you could easily miss if you are not looking closely.

Some of the pictures will suddenly come to "life" while you are watching them.  This portrait was around the corner from our cabin right by the elevators.

These pictures are from us exploring the ship.

When I was in the atrium/lobby of the ship, I asked one of the members of the custodial staff to please take a picture of us in front of the Admiral Donald Duck statue.

During our exploration, we found the most darling little cafe on the fourth floor.  You could get fancy coffee or wine from the cafe.  However, the coolest part of the cafe was the case of treats.  In the morning, the treats were breakfasty treats.  During the afternoon, it was little cakes.  And in the evening, it was antipasto.

Carrot cake

We ended up back on the eleventh deck.  They had an area of quick service called Flo's Cafe.  There were windows that had different types of food - burgers, pizza, chicken tenders, wraps, and fruit.

We grabbed a plate of fries with different condiments and I grabbed a bowl of delicious fruit.

There is an adult only area on deck 11.  That is where we sought refuge from the noisiness of the rest of the deck.

We decided to try a mango mojito.  It had too much rum in it so we didn't enjoy it until the bartender "watered" it down for us.

Now it was time for everyone to go to the mandatory evacuation training.  More on that during my next blog post.

Until next time, have a magical day!

Monday, June 29, 2015

My Fortieth Birthday Disney Cruise - Post #4

Post #3

Once you get under the Mickey head and enter the hallway to get onto the ship, you still have to wait in line if you want your picture taken.  Hubby and I opted not to have our picture taken so we immediately got onto the ship.

Here is our first view of the interior of the ship:

There are Crew Members waiting to greet you onto the ship.  You tell your name and they announce "Introducing the __ family!"  The other Crew Members will applaud for you as you enter the ship.  

They make you feel as though you are celebrities.

Hubby and I were completely lost when we got onto the ship.  We knew we could not get into our cabins until 1:30 or so and it was between 11:30 and noon.

We decided to get some lunch and then ride the AquaDuck.

The lobby of the ship:

Our lunch - Cabanas on the 11th deck
Check out the Mickey heads on the cups

My birthday lunch - I was starving at that point.  Yum!

After lunch, we changed into our swimming suits so that we could ride the AquaDuck.  The AquaDuck is a huge water slide.  I really wanted to take a video of us on the AquaDuck but they wouldn't allow it.

Part of the AquaDuck:

I told everyone that I was going to yell "I'm 40!" while going down the AquaDuck.  I did just that.  Hubby was not too thrilled because I was super loud.

One of the Crew Members teased us and told us there was a loop in the AquaDuck that would cause us to go upside down.  When we went down for the 2nd time, we saw that Crew Member and jokingly told him that we enjoyed the loop.

After going down twice, we just walked around the ship and found a tour group so we got some inside information about the ship.

Here are some pictures of Deck 11:

Random pictures of the ship:

Finally it was time to get into our cabin.  

Until next time - Have a Magical Day!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

My Fortieth Birthday Disney Cruise - Post #3

Post #2

While we were on the bus, they showed us tips for the cruise, trivia, and cartoons.  After an almost hour ride, we were in Port Canaveral.

Here are our first views of the Disney Dream:

The first stop after we got off the bus was security.  (No photos were allowed).  Then it was upstairs to get checked in and then wait until it was time to embark on the ship.

We were given the group number of when we would get on the ship.  We were on group #15.  This means it would take us 45 minutes to an hour of waiting after they started letting people embark the ship.  (They were calling groups every 3 to 4 minutes.)  

During our wait, Hubby and I were filters for the groups getting ready to embark on the ship.  We stood in the way so that people would not rush into line which could have caused people to stumble and get hurt.  So for about 45 minutes or so, we were part of the Parade and Crowd Control.  Since we were big helps for one of the Cast Members, she allowed us to go when they called group #10.  

Here are some pictures of the terminal and right outside the terminal.  There was a small overlook that we could look at the ship and them getting the ship ready to sail away.

This is the mouse head you walk under to get onto the ship.

In my next blog post about the cruise, we will finally be on the ship.

Have a magical day!