Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Teaching Websites that I Absolutely Love Using - The Reading ELA Version Part 1

As an Intervention Specialist, I have to find my own resources to make sure I'm working on their Individualized Educational Plans' goals and objectives.  Over the years, I've found many different websites that I use to get those resources.  I told someone today that I needed to make a list of those websites so here we go.

Reading/Language Arts - Free

1.  Newsela - This is a fairly new website to me.  I found it at Christmas time but quickly fell in love with it.  We are constantly told to differentiate and to integrate science and social studies with our reading instruction.  Newsela allows to do that because it takes current events and focuses on one of ELA Common Core standard.  Each article is written at different lexiles and the majority of them have a 4 question quiz.  I love the fact that some of the questions ask the students where they found their answers in the article.  I have a few students that are afraid to look back in the text to find their answer.

2.  Readworks - This is another website that allows me to focus on science and social studies while teaching them reading strategies.  There are also literary text so it's not all informational text.
I like how there is also units to teach specific reading skills such as cause and effect, main idea and details, and making inferences.  
I like the depth of knowledge of the questions.
3.  Carl's Corner - I use this one for phonological awareness and phonemic awareness worksheets for the students.  I really like her word family packets.  

She also has words of the week using the Dolch high frequency list.  There are fluency drill sheets, mini books, a comprehension packet, word cards for the dolch words, handwriting practice for the list, and a working with the words packet.  Each words of the week list contain five Dolch words.

4.  K-12 reader - This site has one page reading comprehension sheets - 36 per grade from first through fifth grade.  They are on a variety of science, reading/ELA, mathematics, and social studies/history topics.  There are other reading/ELA worksheets on this site.

5.  Mrs. Perkins' Dolch Sight Words - This site gives you a complete list of Dolch sight words in a variety of lists.   It also has some worksheets you can use with the students.

6.  Cando's Helper Page - This site gives you the Fry high frequency words in a variety of lists.  There are are worksheets.  This site also has different writing conventions and ELA topics also.  

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