Thursday, January 1, 2015

Our Christmas Celebration

Christmas this year was low key as it usually is.  Two days before Christmas, we buried M.J., a beloved family member.  The family got together but not for an ideal situation.

On Christmas Eve, I made the last bit of Christmas goodies and then relaxed.  We went to the Christmas Eve service.  After four Christmas Eves without being able to have actual candles at the Christmas Eve service, we were able to have candles.  Boy was Know-it-All glad because he's of age to actually get a candle.

After the Christmas Eve service, we went over to Hubby's aunt's house.  The boys were playing with their cousins and watching the radar to see where Santa was.  

When we got home, Know-it-All headed to bed and Crazy One tried to stay up as late as he could.  

Milk and cookies were left out for Santa.

The next morning, Know-it-All and I got up at the same time.  He was allowed to look at his stocking but was suppose to stay quiet.  I went and laid back down.  An hour later, I heard voices because Know-it-All had woken up Crazy One.  It was present time.

We watched the Disney's Frozen Celebration and relaxed after the presents were opened.  After we ate lunch, we went over to my mother-in-law's house for more presents.

We went back home to finish making supper.  We then brought the food back over to her house and ate together.

After supper, we went over to a different aunt's house.  The boys loved playing with their second cousin who is 5 and 7 years younger then them.  Even with that age difference, they enjoyed imaginary play.

All in all, it was a great Christmas.  The day after we continued the celebration by going to see the lights at a local zoo.

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