Sunday, January 18, 2015

Just Let it Go!

Disney references make into a lot of my conversations.  It's just who I am and people either tolerate it or accept it.

Yesterday the boys and I went to a local museum for the morning/early afternoon.  As we were eating lunch, Crazy One informed me that he can read his brother's mind.  Then they go into a whole entire conversation on what each other were thinking about.  

Later on in the evening, we went to our favorite Dairy for dinner with their godfather and dad.

On the way home I was sitting in the back with them.  The conversation went back to the fact they could read each other's mind.

Know-it-All:  I know what you are thinking about - SANDWICHES.

Hubby:  He ended up being evil in the end.

Me:  He had a secret because was wearing gloves during the entire movie just like Elsa.  (Then I went into a discussion of why he wanted to be king of Arundel.)  I don't know why I know all this.

Hubby:  Just Let It Go.

Me:  (Start singing "Let it Go.")

Crazy One:  (Screaming)

Meanwhile their godfather was confused because he had not seen "Frozen."

Songs we were referencing:

We are that Disney family!

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