Sunday, January 18, 2015

Air Force Museum - Robots in the Sky Day

We are fortunate to live about 10 to 15 minutes away from the National Museum of the Air Force.  It's free to the public which makes it a great place to visit.

They have Family Fun Saturdays (usually on the third Saturday).  I kept forgetting to take the boys to them because they are usually about a topic that Know-it-All is interested in.  

We did attend the January's Family Fun Saturday.  My plan was to be there for 2 hours.  Multiply it by 2 and that's how long we were there.

I don't have many pictures of the planes because that is not what the boys wanted to see.

Learning about Newton's Third Law

Learning about flow visualization (or that is what they are suppose to be learning about)

Random shots

Defusing a bomb - He actually did great with it.

Learning about reaction time

Learning about torque

Playing and learning about Cubelets

We are astronauts.

Landing a model airplane that goes along the wire

Flying an airplane

Crazy One loved chasing after this remote controlled sphere (It had a name but I don't recall what it was.)

Checking out the robot built by local teenagers

Crazy One was interested in the Lego Robotics display 

Know-it-All rode the simulator to see Black Holes.  He really wanted me to ride it but we couldn't because Crazy One refused to ride the simulator.

Flying a Space Shuttle

The model space shuttle you can look at

Listening to a volunteer talk about drones in the Air Force.  Drones is not the technical name for the planes.  Even though Know-it-All is interested in the topic, he had to lay down.  He was using my knee as a pillow.  Crazy One was not interested so we  left at that point.

The Land Mine display Know-it-All was interested in.

Making a robotic hand

In the gift shop - No they did not get either souvenir.  

Hope you enjoyed out day at the Air Force Museum.

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