Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Finish This - December 3

It's another Wednesday so it's time to complete the Finish This Prompts.

This morning started off dreary outside.  It was drizzling with a little snow mixed in.  Yuck!  Oh well, it's now beautiful outside. - Blue skies, a little bit of clouds, and sunshine

Onto the prompts:

My biggest fan is my husband.  He's been with me for the last 17 years.  Actually my family is my biggest fan even though Crazy One is going through the stage of it's not cool to show affection or act like I really do care about my mom and dad.  

My greatest blessing are my two children.  Even though they can both drive me nuts sometimes, I'm truly blessed to have Crazy One and Know-it-All.

Sometimes, all you need to feel better about life is Disney.  Okay, I'm joking!  For me it's when it's a dreary day and all of the sudden the clouds will break apart.  Sunlight fills the sky and it seems like "It's going be okay."  I also like sunrises and sunsets because they remind me that there is beauty in this crazy world.
Also a good cry session helps release all of the stressors.

Next week's prompts:

  • My ideal winter weekend
  • My favorite song lyric
  • I smile because
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Question of the day:  What do you need to feel better about life?

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