Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Elf For Health 2014 - Challenges #8 and 9 - Handwritten Letter and Eat the Rainbow

I love eating veggies and fruits.  However, my eating has gotten out of control.  Veggies and fruit took a backseat to other food that didn't fuel my body.  Right before my Fall break, I was grumpy and irritable.  People could see that I wasn't feeling good because they were asking me "What's wrong?"  Since the challenge, I've started to eat better and I feel better.  I need to remind myself when my eating starts to slip.

I'm going to recap the last 2 challenges.  Since I was discussing food, I've decided to do today's challenge is eat the rainbow.  When I menu planned, I was conscious about what I was going to eat for this challenge.

I started this morning with a smoothie.  


  • Red - Cranberries and strawberries
  • Orange - Peaches, OJ and carrots
  • Green - spinach, kale, and chard
  • Gray - Chia Seed
  • Yellow - Pineapple
My students saw me drinking this and kept mentioning how yucky it was.  I just told them it was delicious and good for me.


Lunch was a ham and cheese sandwich with Ploughman's Pickle.  I got it at a grocery story that has a lot of different type of ethnic foods.  It has chunky carrots and cauliflower in it.  I also had Greek yogurt with peaches and cherry pecan granola and homemade tomato soup.

Red - tomatoes and dried cherries
White - cauliflower and onion (in the soup)
Green - celery in the soup
Orange - Peaches and Carrots (in the soup)


I had red pepper hummus, carrots, red mini peppers, and a cheese stick.

Orange - Carrots
Red - Mini peppers and red peppers (in the hummus)


We had leftover turkey stir fry and left over sweet potato casserole.

Green - Broccoli slaw and peas
Yellow - Corn
Orange - Carrots and sweet potato
White - Onions
Purple - There were a few pieces of purple cabbage.
Red - Red pepper

Crazy One tried the sweet potato casserole and the stir fry.  He ate most of what was on the plate.  Good job Crazy One!

This is what Know-it-All thought when I told him that it was Eat the Rainbow challenge:

Yesterday's challenge was to write a handwritten letter.  I did this on challenge on Saturday rather then yesterday.  First of all, I sent my Secret Santa gift.  Even though I was suppose to be secret about it, I wrote a note to the person I bought for.  I told her about my college program experience.

I also sent out some of my Christmas cards on Saturday.  I wrote a little note to my friend from Disney.  We lost contact for 18 years and have been in contact since last March.

It was so perfect when she texted me yesterday letting me know that she got the card.  She was so happy that I wrote the message to her.

Until next time,

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