Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

This was a different year for our family.  With my father-in-law not being around, it was up to my mother-in-law and I to make sure the dinner was cooked.  If it was up to Hubby, he would get a frozen lasagna and call it good.  If he's in charge of Sunday dinners, that is usually his go to meal.

I did a lot of cooking but made the dishes either the day before or earlier in the day so that all I had to do an hour or so before the dinner was bake them.  It was less stressful that way.

My mother-in-law made the turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy.  She also made stuffed celery.  I made the rest of the food.  

We invited our friend Dave over and my mom.  My mom declined the invitation but Dave came with an empty stomach.  He enjoyed the food.  His favorite dish was my grandma's sweet potato casserole.  He had seconds of that dish.

After dinner, Hubby went to work and the rest of us traveled over to my Hubby's aunt's house.  We had a second helping of dessert and just visited with our family.  Dave even came along.  

The cool thing was Hubby's cousin lives in Toronto and decided to Skype with the family.  So even though he wasn't there, we were able to talk and see him.  Modern technology is cool!

The next day, Dave went home and the boys and I headed to a local children's museum for a few hours.  They were upset because they didn't spend as much time as they wanted there.  We had plans with their cousins who had come in for the weekend.

After visiting the Children's Museum, we went out to lunch with Hubby.  Then we all met up at the movie theater to watch Penguins of Madagascar.  Four adults and five children - Are we nuts? (A 9 year old, 3 11 year olds, and a 13 year old)

Even though it was a different type of Thanksgiving, memories were made.

Now onto the pictures:

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