Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My Thanksgiving Dinner

My mother-in-law is in charge of the turkey and mashed potatoes.  I'm cooking everything else.

Here's my menu.  Some of the menu is family recipes.  Some are new recipes.

Click on the menu items for the recipes:

1.  Green bean casserole - Instead of cutting up sandwich bread, I'm going to use whole wheat bread crumbs.

2.  Confetti corn 

3.  Stuffing/ Dressing

4.  Weekday Rolls 

5.  Cranberry Relish

6.  Sweet Potato Casserole (No Link)

7.  Honey Lime Fruit Salad (Minus strawberries because they were too expensive)

8.  White Salad

9.  Makes it own crust apple pie

10.  Pumpkin pie sheet cake

For tomorrow's breakfast, I'm going to be making pumpkin  monkey bread.

I've already got the confetti corn ready to go in the oven tomorrow.  The cranberry relish is in the crock pot.  Next up is the monkey bread.

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