Sunday, November 23, 2014

My Children's Sermon - A Lesson on Thankfulness

I'm scheduled to give the Children's Sermon. Since its the Sunday before Thanksgiving, I've decided to make it about being thankful.

Here's what I have planned :

Almost 400 years ago, people called Pilgrims took off for the New World aka America. They were not allowed to worship as they liked so they decided to go to somewhere new. Since they could not go to the weather channel to check the weather while they were at sea and they couldn't Google directions , they didn't realize they would hit a storm that would cause them to go off course. Instead of Virginia, they ended up at a place called Plymouth Rock. It was named after where they were from. They didn't have a Holiday Inn or anywhere to live so they built their own houses. It was late fall when they landed so those houses needed to be built fast. The Pilgrims didn't have enough food or warm enough houses so many ended up dying. The next spring, a Native American named Squanto helped them learn how to plant the corn using a fish and a seed. They ended up having a wonderful  harvest. To thank God for their lives, being able to worship freely and the harvest, they had a great feast.  That great feast became known as  the first Thanksgiving.

We need to be thankful to God on a daily basis not only on Thanksgiving for all he's given to you. 

On Friday, my school had us write down what we are thankful for on a slip of paper. They are connecting those slips of paper to create a chain of thankfulness. The chain will hang in the lobby to remind everyone there is a lot to be thankful for.
Let us pray,
"Thank you God for all the blessings both small and large you've given to me. In Jesus' name  Amen."

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