Sunday, November 9, 2014

It's My Home Away From Home

I know people get tired of hearing me talk about Disney.  I know it's been 19 years since I did my College Program.  I know I'm turning 40 in 6 months.  (How is that possible?)  I know I have children.  I know I have a full-time teaching job.

However the reason I talk about Disney is that is the part of my story.  Those four months were a time of discovery for myself.  Those four months taught me who I am.  Those four months started to the story of my 20's into my 30's.

Have you ever found a place that felt like you were going back home?  A place that no matter how much it changes, you still have the same feeling of pure happiness.  That's how I feel about Disney.  Whenever I drive through this sign:

I start to cry because I am home.  My dreams came true on September 6, 1995 when I moved down to Lake Buena Vista, Florida to begin my College Program.  Every visit we've had afterwards is a visit to home.  (It's been only 4 times since 1995 but still.)

Andy Grammer says it best with this song:

I got the chance to join the Disney Alumni Association.  When I read, participate, or start conversations with other men and women who all went through the same experiences I did, it gives me a renewed strength.  It's like going back home.  I feel as though I belong.

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