Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Finish this Thanksgiving Edition - Elf For Health 2014 - Challenge #3 - New Workout

I haven't done a finish this in months.  Since I actually have time to blog, I've decided to complete the finish this prompts this week.

1.  My favorite Thanksgiving tradition - We don't have any actual traditions with Thanksgiving.  My family usually eats at my in-laws' house.  This year is going to be the first year without my father-in-law.  He would cook us dinner but since he died last December it's up to my mother-in-law and me to cook the dinner.
Here are some pictures from two years ago:

To be honest, looking at this pictures make me cry.  I really miss my father-in-law.  He was in my life for 16 years.

2.  My most memorable Thanksgiving was
I think the most memorable Thanksgiving was nineteen years ago.  I was working in Walt Disney World as a college program participant.  For some reason, I had Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and then the weekend off.  I cooked dinner on Friday night for my French room mate and myself.  Instead of turkey, we had chicken.  My grandma sent me some recipes from home.  I cooked up the sweet potato casserole and white salad and pretended I was at home.  I'm fixing both of those recipes this year.
On Saturday, I had a fight with my room mate from Italy so I left and went to the park I worked at - Disney-MGM Studios.  Ryder Strong and Ben Savage were both there.  I wish I had pictures from when I was there.

My other memorable Thanksgiving was last year.  My sister-in-law and her kids came down.  My father-in-law put on his Santa suit and we took pictures of all the kids with Santa.  I'm so appreciative of the pictures.

3.  My favorite Thanksgiving food or dish
I have 2 favorites.  One is white salad.  It's a family dish that I've loved for the past 20 plus years.  The other is cranberry relish.  I'm the only one who loves it in my family.  Most of my family doesn't like cranberries and one in my family prefers the jellied cranberry sauce.  

4.  I'm so thankful for
  • Family
  • Reconnecting with friends I hadn't talked to in years
  • Memories and traditions
  • Sunsets and sunrises - Reminds me of the beauty God has given us in this crazy world

Next week's prompts:

  • My biggest fan
  • My great blessing is
  • Sometimes, all you need to feel better about life is
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Elf For Health 2014 - Challenge #3 - New Workout

Now onto the Elf For Health Challenge for today.  Today's challenge was to try a new workout.  I don't exercise so this was a real challenge for me.  Fortunately someone posted a link to some visual workouts.  I found one that was called pillow fight.  You were suppose to do five reps of the exercise.  I made it through two of the reps which for me is awesome!  I really liked the workout so I may try it again.  Here's a link to the Pillow Fight workout.

Crazy One woke up while I was exercising and had to ask me what I was doing.  Then Know-it-All woke up and yelled from his bedroom "Mom, quit counting!"  I continued anyway.  

I have to be careful with whatever exercise I do because I have a pinched nerve in my left leg/lower back area that sometimes will act up.  I don't want to aggravate it.  However when it starts to bother me, sometimes the best remedy is to walk it out rather then just sit around.  I may look like an old lady walking.  If no one is around, I massage the area as I'm walking.  (It's my butt area so I can't do it when there are people around.  It'll look funny otherwise.)  Enough of my excuses why I don't workout.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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  1. Have a lovely Thanksgiving and hugs to you and your family - it must be tough without your father-in-law.


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