Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Elf For Health 2014 - Challenge #2 - Unsubscribe

Today's challenge was to unsubscribe to at least 3 email lists.  I don't know how many places I unsubscribed for.  It had to be between 10 to 20 maybe more.

I also cleaned out my work email so that when I go back to work on Monday I've got a clean inbox.  I've saved important emails in a folder that is labeled important with the school year.  Most of those emails are from certain people I work with.

I started to clean out my gmail but haven't finished that yet.

I have another email that needed some cleaning out so I cleaned that one out.

Once I got those tasks done, I went to my Facebook friends list and cleaned out the people who had died from my friends' list.  I had not felt right removing them from my friends' list but I decided today was a good day to do that.

It feels good to get rid of that excessive emails.

Tomorrow's challenge is going to be tough.  It's a workout challenge.  I'll update you how I did with that challenge.

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