Monday, November 24, 2014

Elf For Health 2014 - Challenge #1 - Meatless Monday

I know what I am suppose to eat. I know I'm suppose to workout. However in the hustle and bustle of my regular life, I often forget to eat right. I have never gotten on the workout train. I've got a lot of excuses of why I don't.

Elf for Health reminds to take care of myself -physically, mentally,  and with my nutrition.

Today's challenge is Meatless Monday.  Hubby agreed to eat whatever meatless meal I cooked up for dinner but is not going to participate in the challenge.  That's okay because he is more of a carnivore than I am.

Here's what I've eaten today:

Breakfast - Oatmeal with a peanut butter/coconut butter blend of nut butter, a Mandarin orange, and black coffee

Snack was roasted coconut chips.

Lunch - A salad from the salad bar - Spinach, cucumber, red beets, tomatoes, carrots, hard boiled egg, sunflower seeds, olives and Feta cheese - I topped it with red wine vinegar and the olive oil from the olives and Feta cheese.  I also had fresh fruit and cottage cheese.

Snack - This is a snack tray from Kroger.  I love it because it's sliced apples, carrots, almonds, and cheddar cheese.  Yummy!

Dinner - Skinny Taste's lightened up macaroni and cheese with steamed mixed veggies.  We also had biscuits.  (I had to make up for the fact it was meatless Monday.)  They were okay with it being meatless Monday just as long as we didn't have a meatless Thursday.

Snacks/Dessert tonight - I've got a Key Lime Lara-bar for later.  I may also have a couple Andes candies.

It was interesting trying to come up with ways to make sure I had enough nutrition without meat.

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