Saturday, November 22, 2014

Creating a "bucket" list

I'm approaching my 40's faster than a speeding bullet.  It's going to be here before I know it.

I've decided I need to make a "bucket" list of 40 things that I want to accomplish during the next 10 years.  

Here's the start of my "bucket" list.  I'll add to it as I come up with more ideas.  I've got until May 8 to come up with all of the items on the list.

1.  Watch Know-it-All graduate from high school

2.  Watch Crazy One graduate from high school

3.  Visit France so I can see my French roommate  - 19 years ago, I was invited to France.  I need to make that happen.

4.  Visit New England to see the fall foliage.

5.  Visit Walt Disney World during the Christmas season

So far I only have 5 items on my list.  Can you help me think of some more?

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