Saturday, October 11, 2014

Disney - Day 6 Part 1 (Hollywood Studios) - Rock N' Roller coaster and Tower of Terror

Day 5 - Part 10

I love seeing sleeping children.  So very peaceful!

For the 5th morning in a row, Know-it-All and I opened up a park.  This time it was Hollywood Studios once again.

 After we went through the gates, we headed to the Tower of Terror.

After we got finished at the Hollywood Tower of Terror, we visited the Rock N' Roller Coaster.  The Rock N' Roller Coaster is Know-it-All's favorite ride.

I was hungry after all that riding so we stopped for a sandwich.  

That's when we saw this sea gull.
Step 1:  He's just sitting there like every other visitor to WDW.

Step 2:  He hops on the table.

Step 3:  He spots food so he flies over to the table next to him.

Step 4:  Success -He steals that ladies sandwich or part of the sandwich.  Luckily a cast member got her another sandwich.  She made sure her son did not allow the sea gull to steal her food again.

Know-it-All in front of the sign of where I worked.

Next time we will visit Goofy's Candy Store to check out the candy.  Then we walk on Hollywood Blvd. and watch the Citizens of Hollywood street show.

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