Sunday, October 19, 2014

My other 2 roommates

I'm writing these memories down to preserve the memories of my time as a Walt Disney World College Program participant.  When I'm older and want to tell my grandkids about the time I spent in WDW, I can look at these blog posts.

  • Sandra
    • She was from Norway but had spent some time in the U.S. as a nanny.
    • Her bedroom was the front bedroom with Celine.
    • She worked in EPCOT Center in the Norwegian Pavilion at the Maelstrom.
    • For her 21st birthday, she had a party where she invited lots of people especially Norwegians and Canadians.  At one point, Celine and I could not find her because she left the apartment.  I think she was eventually found in a car.
    • One time she was in her bathroom where she found a huge spider.  Rather than take care of the spider on her own, she called her Canadian friend in the middle of the night to take care of the huge spider.
    • Here is some of what she wrote to me when I left:
      • "My flower, that's what you are.
        You've always got a smile ready.
        We've spent a lot of time just talking.  I'm going to miss that when you leave.
        You are a superb girl.  Don't let anyone tell you different.
        I've had a lot of nice times with you.  Good memories will always be in my heart.
        Promise me that you'll take care . . . cause I care."
    • She and I didn't always get along but she was special to me.

Sandra is in the bottom picture to the right of me.  I'm in the middle.

  • Celine
    • Celine was from Paris, France and worked in the French pavilion at the perfume shop.
    • Where can I start with my description of Celine?  She was one of my best friends down there.
    • We spent a lot of time together just talking and sometimes eating.  One of my best memories of her was after the Miss America or Miss U.S.A. pagent.  We just talked about cultural differences.  Thank you Celine for that.
    • She loved David Hasselhoft in Knight Rider.  We had a small tv and if it was on she was usually watching that show.
    • One of her favorite songs was Coolio's "Gangsta Paradise."  That song was on repeat constantly.  As an American, I was suppose to know what the lyrics meant.  I really didn't know so I made something up.
    • She also had a birthday while I was there.  She invited my friends Bob and Molly plus her French friends.  All we did was eat and they talked in French.  I was glad to have my two American friends to talk.
    • We had 1 fight while I was down there and I think it was over something stupid.
    • Here's some of what she wrote when I left.
      • "Today it's my turn to write something in your leaving booking, to leave a souvenir in your book.  I really appreciated to have you as a roommate.  You've talked a lot about your life like I did.  We had good time and fun together, remember my birthday or when we went to Pleasure Island or the ball.  I have many pictures of you that I won't throw away.  We had bad time also and I regret because Tracy, you're a nice person who like every single person."
    • Whenever I think of the Disney College program, I think of 3 people in particular - My American friends - Bob and Molly and then my French roommate - Celine.  
Celine and I
Lisa, Alessandra, myself, and Celine

The previous post about my roommates.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Songs that Remind Me of My College Program in 1995

I recently joined the Walt Disney World College Program's Disney Alumni group.  It's been great having "discussions" with other people who have experienced the same life changing experience.

One of the threads was songs' that remind you of your experience on the College Program.  I listed 3 but there a few more that remind me of the time down there.  Each song has a different meaning to me.

"Be My Guest" from Beauty and the Beast.  I will always remember sitting at Traditions, their orientation, watching this video.  You were to treat each and every guest as though they were the only one there.  Create magic whenever you can.

"Colors of the Wind" from Pocahontas.  I worked as Soundstage Restaurant in Disney-MGM Studios.  It was a Pocahontas themed restaurant with a big Grandma Willow tree in the middle.  "Colors of the Wind" was on continuous loop and as a cashier I heard the song over and over again.  Probably 1000 times during my month in the restaurant.

"You've Got a Friend in Me" from Toy Story.  The first Toy Story came out in November of 1995 during my time down in WDW.  

The rest of the songs that remind me of my College Program times are not Disney songs.

Coolio's Gangsta Paradise.  This is the song that mostly reminds me of the time as a College Program participant.  My roommates were International College Participants (France, Norway, Italy, and Great Britain).  A few of them loved this song.  It was play constantly in Apt. 802 of Vista Way.  They expected to tell me what the song means so I made something up.  I have it on my playlist on my phone so whenever I'm feeling nostalgic I play it.

I've recently been in contact with Celine, my roommate from France.  She and I both remember "Gangsta' Paradise" with nostalgia.  

Jordan Hill's Remember Me This Way.  I have the lyrics to this song written in my memory book.  

The lyrics to the song really describe meeting all the new people while down there.
"Every now and then we find a special friend
Who never lets us down
Who understands it all, reaches out each time you fall
You're the best friend that I've found

I know you can't stay, a part of you will never ever go away
Your heart will stay
I'll make a wish for you and hope it will come true
That life would just be kind to such a gentle mind

If you lose your way
Think back on yesterday
Remember me this way
Remember me this way

I don't need eyes to see the love you bring to me
No matter where I go
And I know that you'll be there
Forever more a part of me, you're everywhere

I'll always care
I'll make a wish for you
And hope it will come true
That life would just be kind to such a gentle mind

If you lose your way
Think back on yesterday
Remember me this way
Remember me this way

And I'll be right behind your shoulder watching you
I'll be standing by your side and all you do
And I won't ever leave as long as you believe
You just believe

I'll make a wish for you
And hope it will come true
That life would just be kind
To such a gentle mind

And if you lose your way
Think back on yesterday
Remember me this way
Remember me this way
This way"

Alanis Morisette's "You Oughta Know."  Kenny was one of my co-workers at Sunset Ranch Market.  For some reason, he drove me home one day and we talked about Alanis Morisette and this song.  

Hope you like my walk down memory lane,

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Disney - Day 6 Part 1 (Hollywood Studios) - Rock N' Roller coaster and Tower of Terror

Day 5 - Part 10

I love seeing sleeping children.  So very peaceful!

For the 5th morning in a row, Know-it-All and I opened up a park.  This time it was Hollywood Studios once again.

 After we went through the gates, we headed to the Tower of Terror.

After we got finished at the Hollywood Tower of Terror, we visited the Rock N' Roller Coaster.  The Rock N' Roller Coaster is Know-it-All's favorite ride.

I was hungry after all that riding so we stopped for a sandwich.  

That's when we saw this sea gull.
Step 1:  He's just sitting there like every other visitor to WDW.

Step 2:  He hops on the table.

Step 3:  He spots food so he flies over to the table next to him.

Step 4:  Success -He steals that ladies sandwich or part of the sandwich.  Luckily a cast member got her another sandwich.  She made sure her son did not allow the sea gull to steal her food again.

Know-it-All in front of the sign of where I worked.

Next time we will visit Goofy's Candy Store to check out the candy.  Then we walk on Hollywood Blvd. and watch the Citizens of Hollywood street show.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Disney - Day 5 Part 10 (Resorts) - Monorail to Epcot

Part 9

Once I got over to the Ticket and Transportation Center, I decided to get on the monorail over to Epcot before heading back to All-Star Movies.

These pictures are of Epcot taken from the monorail.

Afterwards I headed back to the All-Star Resorts.  

The lizard Know-it-All caught while I was on my adventure.

Join us on the next blog post when Know-it-All and I go out on our own.  We will go back to Hollywood Studios for the third time and then Epcot for the second time.