Friday, September 19, 2014

More Signs

Once I opened my mind to the possibility of signs from K., I started to see them because she had a message for me.

On Tuesday morning, I had a dream.  In the dream, I fell in water and was holding my keys.  I kept saying to myself "Don't let go of the keys.  Don't let go of the keys."  

K. had given the boys a skeleton key that she had found at my grandma's house.  We don't know who it belonged to or what door it had opened.  The skeleton key had been on mind on both Sunday and Monday so I knew when I kept saying "Don't let go of the keys," I was referencing that skeleton key.  But what did that sign mean?  The only reasonable answer is she was telling me "Your grandma is here with me."

I now have that key hanging from my other keys as a reminder of the message.

On Tuesday evening, I decided to meditate  When I started to meditate, I felt her presence wrap around me like a hug.  I knew it was her.  Then I felt like I needed to look at my picture boxes.  I have one box that has sunflowers on it.  I opened the box.  My grandpa's letters from World War II are in the box.  My grandma's rambling notes from when she was dying.  Then I found an invitation from Hubby and my bigger wedding.  On the invitation was an embossed butterfly.

She had gave me a sign that led to my wedding.  At the wedding, someone took a picture of my grandpa and brothers and sister with me.  We think it may be one of the last pictures of them all together.

K. was communicating my grandpa, her dad, my Uncle, and Aunt were with her.

It gave me such comfort and joy.

I've told this story to several people and they asked me to journal these signs I was given by K.

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