Monday, September 29, 2014

Disney - Day 5 Part 2 (Animal Kingdom) - Expedition Everest, Lunch, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Random Pics

Part 1

Hubby and Crazy One left Know-it-All and I.  They were heading to the Finding Nemo - the Musical while we headed to Expedition Everest for the third time.

This time Expedition Everest left me with a headache so I was finished riding it for the trip.

We then went to get food and wait for Hubby and Crazy One.  Since Hubby got lost looking for us at the Magic Kingdom, I took a picture of the restaurant and texted it to Hubby.

That cup was the best deal at Walt Disney World.  It costs $4 or so.  I was able to fill it with drink.  I  drank it and then refilled it with coffee.  We refilled it for a third time.

After Hubby and Crazy One got to where we were waiting for them, we went to see Tigger and Pooh.

Here are some random pictures of the Animal Kingdom:

Until next time, where we go to see the Bug's Life and enjoy the Tree of Life.

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