Sunday, September 28, 2014

Disney - Day 5 Part 1 (Animal Kingdom) - Around the Park, Expedition Everest, Kali River Rapids

Day 4 - Part 12

Know-it-All got up early and left for Animal Kingdom before Hubby and Crazy One.  We wanted to ride Expedition Everest before all the crowds got there.  We were able to ride it twice and later once more with the Fast Pass.

Know-it-All and my selfie (Waiting to get into the park)

As I said, Know-it-All and I rode Expedition Everest twice.  He loved it.

We then met up with Hubby and Crazy One.  Crazy One had found the passport adventure so we found some of the stations.

The boys and I went on Kali River Rapids.  Crazy One was unsure of the ride but then loved it.  He wanted to ride it a second time but the wait time was too long each time we went past it.  So he didn't get to ride it a second time.  :(

Till next time when Know-it-All and I ride Expedition Everest for a third time.

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