Friday, September 12, 2014

A Hard, Rough Day

Sometimes you have days that things don't go your way.  Today was one of those days.  Actually it started last night.

Most of the day was fine yesterday.  My schedule was off because of an unplanned meeting but other than that the day was normal.  At least normal for me.

The boys and I went to Scouts and I finished the majority of my progress reports while they had their meetings with their dens.  I felt pretty good because I had accomplished that task.

Then 9 o'clock rolled around.  The phone rang and I thought "Who could be calling at that hour?"  It was my mom.  I missed the call on the land line so she called my cell phone. 

She told me that one of our relatives had died.  I knew I was going to get the news sooner or later because when she called me Tuesday she told me how K. had gone down hill quickly.  K. was fighting cancer.  The cancer won in this case.  

K. was only 60 years old. 

Soon after getting the news, it was time for me to go to bed.  So no real time to process the news I was given.

Then today ended up being a rough day.  It started with a teacher complaining to me.  As the day progressed, I had 2 major behavior issues to deal with.  

One of my co-workers saw how stressed out I was and kept reminding me to remind me to breath.  

Then I had to help students with a math test.  I asked one of my students to get the Base 10 blocks out.  When my head was turned, he got the Base 10 blocks out and put all of them over my table.  We needed a few not all of them.  There were a whole lot of them.  On a normal day, it would be okay and I would have dealt with it.  Today it irritated me.  I made the decision to give him the test on Monday because it was not fair to him that I was frustrated with the situation.  The other 2 students took the test while he did his individual work on the computer.

My dismissal duty went off without a hitch so that was a plus.

I stopped by Boston Stoker's and got the largest peppermint latte I could to help sooth my soul.  Dinner was homemade veggie soup which is comfort food.

Then I started to look for pictures of K.  The tears started rolling down my face.  It's from sadness and also from the stress of the day.

I want to share a story about K.  She was my mom's cousin and the daughter of my favorite Uncle.

I didn't know her that well.  However 2.5 years ago, one of my mom's other cousins' husband passed away.  I made sure K. got to the funeral and reception afterwards.

We talked in the car.  She told me how she loved to drive on a certain road because it centered her.  I decided to surprise her and drive along that road on our way back home.  She was pleasantly surprised and delighted by gesture.  It was a small gesture.  That's what memory of her that I'm going to carry in my heart and mind.

Getting my feelings out is helping me cope.  Also I've been listening to my 2 favorite artists - Aerosmith and P!nk to help me relieve my stress.  Deep breathing is also helping.

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