Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Finish This . . . Week 12

I went back to work on Monday.  It's a week of meetings.  My bum is going to go numb with all the sitting I'm doing.  

This year I've moved buildings once again.  Don't ask me the number of times I've moved buildings.  I've lost track of all the buildings I have been in during the last 14 years of teaching.  This year it's actually pretty cool though.  They created a fourth/fifth grade building that was a preschool building for the last 2 years.  I started at the building that was there 11 years ago and then was torn down and rebuilt.  I loved that group of students I had.  Some of the students I taught for 3 years.  One student I taught for 6 years!  I'll always have fond memories of the old building.

I keep in contact with several of the students from that old building.  In fact, I attended their graduations 3 and 4 years ago.  I let one of the students know that I was back at WBV.  He lives in the neighborhood still so we met up and ate lunch at McDonald's.  I was limited on time so that was the quickest place to eat.  It was great to talk to him.  I'm still his teacher even though he left my classroom 10 years ago.  Can it be that long?  It doesn't seem possible.

Fun fact, this young man has the same birthday that my father had.  (My father died in '96.)  He was also born the year I was a senior in high school.

Now onto this week's prompts:

If I went back to school, I would study probably something involving computers.  I can be tech savvy when necessary.

My favorite subject in school was history.  I had one teacher during my sophomore year of high school that  was an inspiration to me.  Her method of teaching made me interested in history, a subject I'm still interested in.

I wish I had paid more attention in geometry.  Most math comes easy to me.  However geometry was difficult for me because of theorems.  I disliked those things and didn't pay as much attention to the instruction of how to do theorems.

The dumbest thing I did in high school was allow some of the more "popular" girls do my hair in social studies class during my freshman year.  Why do I think it was dumb?  It was disrespectful to the sub.
Actually there was another dumb thing I did but I plead the fifth with that dumb thing.

In high school, I thought I knew I what I wanted to be when I graduated from college.  It ended up I was almost correct.  I wanted to be a classroom teacher instead I ended up becoming an Intervention Specialist, special education teacher.  Thanks to the principal that interviewed me and gave me the opportunity to become a Learning Disability tutor and then eventually an Intervention Specialist.  That is my real calling in life.

Next week's prompt is to list 13 things about yourself.

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