Thursday, July 3, 2014

Throwback Thursday Stories - Beach in the Morning

Last summer, we traveled to our favorite beach for a week with our family.  It ended up being the last family vacation with my father-in-law.

This picture was taken the morning we left the beach.  I wanted both boys to go down to the beach before we left so I could get a picture of them in the sun as it was rising in the morning.  Know-it-All was willing to allow me to get the perfect picture.

Crazy One was crying instead so I never got the perfect shot of him in the morning light.

I love this picture.  It is also one of Hubby's favorite pics of Know-it-All because a copy of it is hanging in our living room.

Here is the shot I got of Crazy One: 

It's pretty good.  I only wish Crazy One was not crying in the picture.

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