Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Finish This . . . Week 11

With my travels and then a class in between the two trips, I've taken a break from blogging.  In fact, I didn't take any laptop with me on either trip.  I could have used my phone to write a blog post but decided not to do that.

So I'm going to answer last weeks prompts and then I'll go onto this week's prompts:

I add spice to my life by spending time with my boys while making memories.  Both of the trips were road trips with the boys.  Hubby didn't go on either trip.  While we were driving on the second trip, we started a bucket list of places we want to visit.  I love traveling to places and wish I had time and money to do more of it.  

Bacon is delicious!  Bacon is also one of Crazy One's favorite foods.

The perfect meal not only fills me up but also feeds my soul.  

My favorite food to grill is hot dogs or hamburgers.  We don't grill around here but when I get hot dogs or hamburgers cooked on the grill I'm in heaven.

I beat the heat by staying inside.  I also like wearing sundresses.

Now onto this week's prompts:

I like wearing dresses.  I feel prettier when I wear a dress that fits good.

My most memorable style was when I thought it was cool to wear those shirts with snaps in the crouch area.  It's been 20 years and I still remember doing that.  What was I thinking?
Or it was my black suit with zebra print shirt.  When I wore that my students knew I was  going to have a meeting.

I dress to impress when I wear my nice dresses to work or church.  I have a few dresses that I get compliments on whenever I wear them.

The best style tip I ever received is to have your own style.  My style is casual but function-able. 

Three wardrobe staples in my closet are khakis, basic shirts that are one color, and Old Navy jeans.

Three words that describe my style is casual, function-able, and comfortable.

Prompts for WEEK 31 (August 6) are:If I went back to school, I would study
My favorite subject in school
I wish I had paid more attention
The dumbest thing I did in high school was
In high school, I thought I knew

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  1. I remember those that you button in your crotch, oh my gosh what were they called? - - I kept wanting to say bodysuit and that they didn't sound right and even searching that seems to be what it was. Love your word function-able ;)


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