Saturday, July 26, 2014

Disney - Day 4 Part 9 (Magic Kingdom) - Even more Cinderella's Castle, Storybook Circus, Barnstormer, Dumbo

Part 8

We left Adventureland and walked to New Fantasyland (Storybook Circus).  As we walked by Cinderella's Castle, I had to take a few more pictures of it.

Here are some pics of Storybook Circus:

Hubby got us Fast Passes for the Barnstormer so once we got to Storybook Circus we rode that ride.

Know-it-All and I decided to ride Dumbo the Flying Elephant.  I really like the fact they have a play area in the middle of the queue line with pagers.  For younger guests, it gives them something to do while waiting for the ride.  Know-it-All is a little too old for that though.

Join me next time when we meet Goofy and Donald Duck.  Hubby does something silly when he meets Goofy so that is a must see.

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