Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Disney - Day #4 Part 2 (Magic Kingdom) - stocks, spirits, and lunch

Part 1

After leaving Big Thunder Railroad, we went to Liberty Square where we were thrown into the stocks because we were having too much fun!

Here are some of the views around Liberty Square:

Next we visited the 999 spirits in the Haunted Mansion twice.

After visiting the 999 spirits, Know-It-All and I decided we were hungry so we stopped at the Diamond Horseshoe for some lunch.  I called Hubby and he asked me to get him some food.  He got lost trying to find theDiamond Horseshoe because he kept going the wrong way in Liberty Square.  Eventually he found his way over to the Diamond Horseshoe and ate lunch with us.

On Sunday, we will visit Fantasyland.

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