Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Disney - Day #3 Part 9 (Epcot) - Talk with Crush, Mystery Characters, and Spaceship Earth

Part 8

Before we went to Turtle Talk with Crush, we stopped to get pictures at the butterfly topiary.

We went to Turtle Talk with Crush.  Know-it-All asked Crush "How did you get in there?"  When Crush asked to clarify what he meant, he just sat there quietly.  He wanted to know how he got into the aquarium.

I wish we went to the Living Seas but by that time we were hot and cranky.  We went to see the mystery characters.  This year we saw Pluto and Minnie Mouse.  Crazy One was not too happy to see Minnie Mouse as you will see with the pictures.

The last place we visited at Epcot was Spaceship Earth.


After we left Epcot, we divided and conquered.  Know-it-All and I went back to Hollywood Studios while Crazy One and Hubby traveled back to the resort.

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