Friday, July 11, 2014

Catch The Moment - Week 5

Some of the days during this week were jam packed with outings and summer fun.  Other days were casual stay around the house type of days.   

Day 29 | July 4, 2014

Know-it-All and I walked in our town's annual Fourth of July parade.

Today is actually Know-it-All's birthday.  We sang to him last week because his aunt and cousin were in town. Crazy One decided he needed help with blowing out his candle.  

In the evening, we went to see our town's firework show.  

Day 30 | July 5, 2014

I only took 2 pictures on the 5th.  This picture and a picture of yellow zucchini.  This is a picture of my Greek breakfast pizza.  Yum!

Day 31 | July 6, 2014

We didn't do much on Sunday so I got out my camera and took pictures of the birds around my yard.  I was able to capture this robin with a worm in his/her mouth.

Day 32 | July 7, 2014

I once again didn't take pictures until the evening.  Know-it-All had Kung Fu lessons.  It began to pour buckets outside my car while waiting for him.  This picture is taken through my driver's side window during the rainstorm.  When we went back to our cul de sac, we had difficulty getting back to our court because of temporary flooding 3 different places.  

Day 33 | July 8, 2014

I did an impromptu photo shoot with the boys,  Some of the pictures were not as good because Know-it-All was not willing to cooperate during the majority of the photo shoot.

Day 34 | July 9, 2014

On Wednesday, we went to a local Children's Garden with my mom and her friend from out of town.

Day 35 | July 10, 2014

For Know-it-All's birthday, we rode an hour train ride in a town 45 minutes away.  

When we were done with the train ride, we went to a local inn.  My great uncle was commissioned in the late 60's or early 70's to paint a painting for the inn.  We had to pose next to it once we found it.

Which was your favorite picture?

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