Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What We Got Out of the Library

In order to keep track of the books we got out of the library, I've started taking pictures of the books and check out slips so if we can't find one of the books we know what it looks like.

Here is what we checked out last night:

My books - I love Victoria Thompson's Gaslight Mysteries.  They take place in the 1890's.  Sarah is a midwife in New York City and Frank Malloy is a police dectective.  These books introduce you to the behind the scenes of the rich and wealthy.  You learn their deep dark secrets while Sarah and/or Frank solve a mystery.

I've started on the Murder on Marble Row.  It's good so far.

Know-It-All's books -

He loves Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series and the Kane series.  He's read this book several times and has decided to read it once again.

A few weeks ago, he found the first book in the series at a Flea Market for a quarter.  He loved it and has been getting the other books in the series out of the library.  (The main characters are children of a genie.)

Henry Winkler, the Fonz, writes these books.  I have the first one at the house.  During our long road trip last year, we listened to one of the books in the series as we drove through Alabama.  He loves it so much that he wouldn't put the book down to allow me to take the picture.

(The series is Hank Zipzer.)

I hope you enjoy seeing what we are reading.

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