Thursday, June 5, 2014

Throwback Thursday Stories - Siblings

As I said before, Hubby and I were married in May of 1999.  On our year anniversary, we had a bigger wedding because our first wedding only had 11 guests.  We wanted to invite friends and family from out of town so we held a bigger wedding.

This picture is of my grandpa and three of his five siblings.  All four of them are now gone.  :(  And my aunt thinks it may have been one of the last pictures of all four of them together.

From left to right:  Uncle John, Aunt Janet, me, Grandpa, and Uncle Corky

Uncle John had served in the army during World War II.  He was drafted even though he had 2 little girls home with another one on the way.  From what I'm told, he was a medic on the front lines for General Patton's army.  He died in 2009 (I think).

Aunt Janet and her husband had a farm.  We would have family gatherings at the farm.  I have a lot of memories of being up at the farm.  She died in 2004.

Grandpa was a tail gunner in World War II.  Forty years after the war, he allowed my sister, mom, and myself to move into his house.  Even though he could have retired, he continued working to provide us with a house and food.  I am very thankful for that sacrifice.  He died 2003 on the anniversary of one of his missions.

Uncle Corky (not his real name) was my favorite uncle.  He taught me about my family history.  When my grandma was going through all of her medical problems in 2007-2008, he would spend time with her.  He died in 2008 three months before my grandma.

I miss all four of them.

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