Monday, June 16, 2014

Listicles - Top 10 Summer Plans

This listicle theme came just in time.  I just started my summer on Thursday.

1.  Organize my Disney College Program memorabilia - I was did the program in the fall of 1995.  Yes, almost 19 years ago.  The memorabilia was at my grandma's house until 2007 and then brought over to my house.  In the last few months, I have found some friends from when I down there so I've been going through the memorabilia.  

The memorabilia needs to be organized.

The coolest thing I found while going through my memorabilia is 2 envelopes with negatives.  Hubby had those negatives transferred to digital copy.  They were pictures from when I was down in Disney.

This is one of the pictures.  The Sky Way closed in 1999.

2.  Celebrate Crazy One's birthday at the zoo - I used to do birthday parties but with their birthday being in the summer I started taking them somewhere special instead.  We are heading to the Columbus Zoo to see the new exhibit.

3.  Celebrate Know-it-All's birthday at King's Island - Last year, Know-it-All discovered he loved thrill rides when we went to a water park and then Walt Disney World.  So to celebrate his birthday, his cousin, him, and myself are going to King's Island.

4.  Participate in Project 365 and take a least 1 picture per day.  This shouldn't be too hard for me.

5.  Transport children to and from camps - This year they are not going to as many camps so that is good.  I still have to transport them.

6.  Read - I'm currently listening to Jodi Picoult's Storyteller.  It really draws the reader/listener in.  I'm also reading Victoria Thompson's Murder on Marble Row.  Murder among polite society of the 1890's - scandalous.

7.  Visit Second Street Market and enjoy goodies from there - I can't wait to have the tomatoes from Hungry Frog Farm.  I didn't like tomatoes until last summer when I got them from there.  Yum!

8.  Laugh and enjoy the summer

9.  Visit somewhere I've never been before or somewhere I haven't been a while - I'm taking a staycation this year.

10.  Feel the grass under my feet

I'm going to clean the house and do chores around here.  I just didn't add them to my list.

What's on your list for this summer?

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  1. Have fun with your staycation. I feel like the queen of them


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