Monday, June 2, 2014

Listicles - 10 Things Our Your Nightstand

Hubby has a nightstand.  I don't but do have a headboard that is also a bookcase so I'll use that instead.

10 Things on my Headboard:

1.  Jewelry box 

2.  A Photocube -The photocube has pictures from 20 years ago.  The pictures are the Tower of Terror (worked next to it), my apartment complex, and one of my friends from Disney and one of his roommates.

3.  A little purse looking object that holds rings.  I don't wear any but my wedding and family ring but it was given to me by one of my students so I cherish it.  It sits on top of my jewelry box.

4.  A little plastic statue of Simba - My favorite movie is Lion King.  I got this statue at Disney when I did the college internship.

5.  Our lamp

6.  Breathe Ease Strips - When I have a sinus infection sometimes I can't breathe, in order to sleep I need those strips.

7.  Candy Claw Machine  - Not mine, don't use it.  It's Hubby's and sometimes it will start playing music as though you are trying to get a piece of candy even when you're not touching it.

8.  Phineas and Ferb stuffed animals that talk - These also go off at random times.  We hear "I know what we are going to do today."  Oh and those are not mine either.

9.  Random stuff - I have a little plastic container with random stuff in it.  Scrunchies and hair rubber bands are a few of the things in it.  I don't have long hair and haven't since 2008 but I keep them just in case I decide to grow my hair.

10.  Books - It is a bookcase so there are books.

Next week's listicle is going to be top ten music videos.  I'm going to have a blast with this one.  

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Oh, we visited Disney over 2 months ago and I only started to post blog posts about our trip.  I took a lot of pics so the blog posts are a way for me to share my pics.  I'm posting about Disney on Saturdays, Sundays, and Tuesdays.  

Check out Saturday's and Sunday's Disney pics by clicking on the link.  And come back tomorrow with more pics.

What's on your nightstand?  Comment below.  :)


  1. Always love knowing what other bloggers are reading and you didn't include any titles! Sad face.

    Your comment about long hair and hair ties made me smile though.

  2. Ha. Not sure I would want Ferb talking to me at night 😳


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