Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Listicles - 10 Things I Can't Get Enough Of

I'm so behind on this week's listicle.  I was not home most of Sunday so I didn't get it written then.  We were out celebrating Crazy One's ninth birthday at the Columbus Zoo.  We had a blast and he kept saying "Best Birthday Ever!"  I allowed the boys to actually ride the rides because those cost extra but I found a discount on the all day unlimited ride bands that made it worthwhile.

Now onto this week's listicles.  This week's them is 10 things I can't get enough of.

1.  Walt Disney World  - According to Crazy One, it's my absolute favorite place.

2.  Chocolate - Yum!

3.  Coffee - Another yum!

4.  Listening to P!nk or Aerosmith - My 2 favorite artists

5.  Happiness

6.  Love

7.  Visiting zoos especially the Columbus Zoo

8.  Cuddles, hugs, or kisses from the boys - Now that I have an almost preteen boy and a 9 year old, these are even more precious.  

9.  People who use manners 

10.  Visiting the Second Street Market

Next week's listicle theme is 10 things every woman should know.

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