Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Disney - Day #3 Part 6 (Epcot) - Snow White, Italy, and American Adventure

Part 5

After we were left the German Pavilion, we traveled to the American Adventure.  On the way there, we saw the Snow White and Seven Dwarfs topiaries.  I loved them.

We then saw Kermit and Miss Piggy.  I got to talk to the photographer.  She was part of the College Program and really glad I talked with her.

Our next stop was Italy.  We got to see the end of a mime show.  That was cool.

Next stop was American Adventure.  When I was part of the College Program, we had a graduation dance at the America Adventure after it was closed down for the night.  There are a lot of memories at the American Adventure Pavilion.

Crazy One wanted food when we got there.  The only problem is he wanted was a $10.00 turkey leg.  This boy doesn't eat a lot and wanted a huge turkey leg.  No, I didn't allow him to get one because I knew it would a waste of money.

On Saturday, we are going to visit Japan, Moracco, and France.

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