Sunday, June 8, 2014

Disney - Day #2 Part 6 (Hollywood Studios) - Indiana Jones and Star Tours

Part 5

After dinner, we went to the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular Show.  They were asking for volunteers when I raised my hand.  I ended being selected to be one of the participants.  My role was to be a citizen of Cairo, Egypt. 

Hubby was in charge of taking pictures while I was on stage.  I'm impressed with the pictures he took.

That was an once in a lifetime experience.

We split up once again.  Know-it-All and I headed to Star Tours while Crazy One and Hubby headed to the Great Movie Ride.

Afterwards we headed to Sunset Blvd. so we could see Fantasmic.

The next blog post is going to be pictures of Fantasmic.  Then it will be onto Day #3 where we visited Epcot and Know-it-All and went back to Hollywood Studios.

What is something you've done that was an once in a lifetime event?  Let me know in the  comments.

Until next time!

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