Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Disney - Day #2 Part 4 (Hollywood Studios) - World of Animation and the Backlot Tour

Part 3

This used to be Soundstage Restaurant 19 years ago.  This was one of the restaurants I worked at.  The theme was Pocahontas with a Grandma Willow Tree in the middle.  I would hear "Colors of the Wind" hundreds of times during a shift.  

Know-it-All and I meet back up with Crazy One and Hubby to go to the World of Animation.  Know-it-All and Hubby took a drawing class while Crazy One and I met with Mickey Mouse.

My favorite pic - We were high fiving because I worked for him 18.5 years before.  Notice my college program shirt.  Yes, it still fits me.

After we were finished at the World of Animation, we traveled over to the Backlot Tour.  We saw the Green Army Men again.

Next up was the Backlot Tour.  The boys were unsure at first but then really enjoyed the ride.  Warning lots of pics.  My favorite one will be the last one.

And now my favorite picture from the ride.

This is their feeling about the ride.

Have you ever been unsure of something and then realize it was much better than you thought it would be?  Tell me in the comments.

Thank you for looking at my pictures.

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