Sunday, June 29, 2014

Disney - Day #3 Part 8 (Epcot) - more topiaries, England, and Canada

Part 7

After visiting France, we walked to England.  On the way there, we saw toparies of Disney couples.

While we were in England, we tried fish and chips.  Crazy One loved the fish!  Know-it-All refused to taste the fish but loved the chips.

We also went into the tea shop and tried the iced tea.  Know-it-All loved the tea.  In fact, when we were there on Friday, we checked out the tea shop to see if they had free samples.  They didn't.  :(

After England, we traveled through Canada.

On Tuesday, we will travel back to Future World to see a mystery character(s).  With our credit card, we were able to have a private visit with a character(s).  

We also went to see the Turtle Talk with Crush where Know-it-All asked the funniest question possible.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Disney - Day #3 Part 7 (Epcot) - Japan, Morocco, and France

Part 6

After we left the American Adventure, we traveled to the Japanese Pavilion. While there we got to hear Japanese drummers.  So cool!

When we left Japan, we went to Morocco.  We were hoping to see Aladdin and Jasmine.  They were not suppose to be at the character spot for over an hour so that was a bummer.

After Morocco, we traveled to France.  While we were in France, we got to see an airplane sky writing.  That was pretty cool!  I never got to see what the sky writers was writing but I know it was about Jesus forgiving.

Join me next time for more adventures.  Join us tomorrow for topiaries, England, and Canada.